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Excercise With Your Pet

As humans, we’ve learned how the benefits of daily exercise, keeping a positive attitude and regular socialization can positively affect our mind, body and spirit. If we do these things each day, we are happier, healthier and more adapted to the outside world.

Dog Manicures

Keeping up with your dog’s hygiene is an important responsibility that should never be ignored. The dirtier the dog means the greater the risk of injury and infection.

Cleveland Dog Daycare

As summer comes to a close, so begins another exciting fall in Cleveland. And while many of you are looking forward to Sunday football, don’t forget to take advantage of the cooler days by getting out and about with your dog!

Pet Grooming

No matter what time of year it is, every season presents its own reasons for why dog owners should keep a close eye on their dog’s fur, skin, and ears.

First Aid Kit

Much like the first-aid kit Mom tucked under the backseat of her mini-van, it’s always a good idea to keep a first-aid kit readily available for those active days with Sparky. Dogs are prone to many of the same incidents we encounter as humans: bee stings, thorn bushes, and minor burns.

Pet Grooming

If you’re headed out of town for your long-awaited summer vacation, chances are you’ve probably made your dog boarding reservations at The Dog Stop®. Still deciding which spa service to book with your hotel concierge? Why not consider doing the same for Fido?

Hot Dog in Car

It’s not uncommon to pile into your car with old Buster to run your Saturday morning errands. However, think twice before allowing your dog to sit in your car unattended for any period of time.

Nutrisource Dog Food

At The Dog Stop®, we are devoted to our four-legged friends’ health and safety. We carry products for all sizes and stages of your dog’s life.

Nutrisource Dog Food

At The Dog Stop®, we are devoted to our four-legged friends’ health and safety. We carry products for all sizes and stages of your dog’s life.

Oh the dreaded, “Hey man, your dog snatched by burger!”

Obedience Training

Whoever says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is in for a surprise. Just as adults can continue to learn as they grow older, older dogs may be able to participate in obedience training.

Pittsburgh has grown into quite the dog-friendly city. We’re packed with a slew of dog-friendly restaurants and you’ll have no problem finding a dog park in almost any neighborhood, so it’s no wonder things have expanded to large events geared specifically to our four-legged friends.

With summer right around the corner and vacation season soon underway, get a head start booking your four-legged friend’s overnight boarding reservation at The Dog Stop® before it gets too late! Summer reservations fill up fast, so take advantage of booking early in April and May.

Dog friends

A popular trend in dog services is in-home pet care, where dogs can rest easy in their own homes, and dog owners can rest even easier knowing their dog friends are in good hands. Whether you’re at work or on a trip, someone needs to take care of your dog while you are away.

Grooming your dog is very important to your dog’s overall health and can help prevent serious health problems as a result of poor hygiene. Basic grooming consists of coat brushing, nail trimming, teeth brushing, checking their ears and bathing. But don’t take it from us!

Pet Food Choices

No dog food is created equal and not every dog requires the same nutrition. Puppies require different food then their senior counterparts, small dogs have different needs than larger breeds and some dogs prefer wet food over dry food.

Pittsburgh Dog Parks

While most Pittsburgh area dog parks and Off-Leash Exercise Areas (OLEAs) are open year round, springtime is the time of year when many dog owners dust off their sneakers, break out the dog leash and hit the trails!

Pet Boarding

Whether booking a weekend getaway or a 10 day cruise, if you can’t take your dog along you’ll need to find accommodations for your four-legged friend. If you cannot find a family member, friend or dog-sitter to help out, you’ll want to consider dog boarding.

Pet Boarding Pittsburgh

If you’re planning a vacation, chances are you’ll be leaving your four-legged friend in the care of others. As you pack your bags, it’s a good idea to start thinking about Fido’s suitcase too. Not sure what to pack for your furry friend?

You can’t bring Rex on vacation. Now what? Start by asking a reliable family member, neighbor or dog sitter to help with feeding, walking and other doggy duties. If none of these options are available, it’s time to explore boarding your dog at a reputable kennel.

Pet Hygiene Tips

Proper pet care involves more than providing unconditional love, endless belly rubs, and the best food; it also requires regular bathing, grooming, playtime and exercise.

Your pet’s coat is unique, from texture to length and color. Just like the hair on your own head, your pet’s fur requires certain care, depending on the coat.

I knew something was up. Mom scooped out my food, but she didn’t put it in my bowl. Can you believe that? Then she took Mo-Mo and put him in a bag. Mo-Mo! My favorite monkey! What was wrong with this woman? Was she possessed?

Have you been endlessly searching for the perfect water toy to accompany you and your fur baby while spending some quality time together outside?

Q: I just bought a new puppy, and we are having a hard time house training – nothing seems to be working! What do you recommend? – Lisa C. from Shaler

Everyone loves a good walk with their favorite furry friend. While the main goal is to get out in the fresh air and burn some energy, following these four simple steps can help keep you and your pup safe and relaxed through the entire process.

1. Paw Checks

After a walk, check your dogs’ feet for debris, then rinse them in warm water and dry with a towel.


the dog stop Dog Care Dog Daycare Boarding Pittsburgh himilayan dog chews

Looking for a long-lasting, healthy treat? Or maybe you’ve been searching for a more easily digestible alternative to rawhide. Well, look no further, and introduce your pup to a Himalayan Chew.

the dog stop Dog Care Dog Daycare Boarding Pittsburgh

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s natural to want to share some of the holiday cheer with your four-legged family members, but many of your Turkey Day favorites can wreak havoc on a pup’s body. Do you know which foods are safe to share?

I yawn as I eat my breakfast. Truth be told I’m not that hungry after eating that entire jar of peanut butter, but perhaps Mom didn’t see the empty container I left in her laundry basket. I guess she’ll find it later. Then I hear it: the jingle of keys. Holy smokes, it’s Monday!

Check out this video a man made by dressing his dog up as a giant, mutant spider, and pranking people. Could this possibly be the best dog Halloween costume ever? We can only imagine how frightened these people were! 

The Mayhew Animal Home & Education Centre took an unconventional approach when creating their latest adoption commercial.

The Dog Stop Dog Care Dog Daycare Boarding Pittsburgh

Asked by Britt L., South Side, PA (Proud owner of “Iggy”, pictured here.)

The Dog Stop Dog Care Dog Daycare Boarding Pittsburgh

Asked by Abby W., Aspinwall, PA (Proud owner of “Jake”, pictured here.)

Yes Abby, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Dogs are a remarkable creature that have the ability to learn and adapt at any age.