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The Dog Stop® Delights

While all dogs staying at The Dog Stop® receive the utmost care, love and attention, some clients have requested specific services that go above and beyond. In order to satisfy every client (both 2 and 4-legged) we have created The Dog Stop® Delights. This new service program offers dogs staying or playing at The Dog Stop® extra activities, treats, supplements, or 1-on-1 time with our canine caregivers to tailor their experience to their personal preferences! Check out the menu below and let us know which “Delight” you would like to pamper your pup with for his/her next visit to The Dog Stop®.

Cuddle Time $10
15 Minutes of Couch Cuddle Time with a Canine Caregiver

One-on-One Play $10
15 Minutes of 1-on-1 Playtime with a Canine Caregiver

Puzzle Time $10
Mind-Stimulating Puzzle Session with a Tasty Reward

Email Updates $5/day
E-mail with a Photo or Video of Your Pup, and a Description of Your Dog’s Daily Activities

Leash Walk $10
15-Minute Outside Leash Walk by a Canine Caregiver

Training Session $10
15-Minute Training Session with a Canine Caregiver (Basic Commands)

NOW AVAILABLE! The Dog Stop® Fitness Tracker
Set fitness goals & monitor your pup’s daily activities while in our care with email updates throughout the day. Inquire for pricing.

All-in-One Packages
Healthy Hound $14
1) One-on-One Play Session, (1) 12” Bully Stick, and (1) Pro-Biotic Supplement

Clever Canine $20
(1) Puzzle Time Session, (1) 15-Minute Training Session (Basic Commands), and (1) Stuffed Kong Bed Time Snack

Senior Care $20
(1) Outside Leash Walk, (1) Hip & Joint Treat or Chew, and (1) Puzzle Time Session

Playful Puppy $20
(1) One-on-One Play Session, (1) 15-Minute Training Session (basic commands), and (1) Cookie Bed Time Snack with Goat’s Milk

First Sleepover $15
(1) Cuddle Time Session, (1) Email Photo Update, and (1) Yaky Charms Puppy Popcorn Bedtime Snack

Pampered Pooch $12
(1) Cuddle Time Session, (1) Eating Enticement Meal Topper, and (1) Pupcake Bedtime Snack

Birthday Bash $25
Throw your pup a birthday party The Dog Stop® style! A canine caregiver will set up a party room for your pup and 3-5 furry best friends (present in day care). A canine caregiver will serve your pup and friends a customized birthday cake and take photos of your pup’s party. The birthday pup will also receive a pupcake to take home or enjoy in day care.

Savory Supplements
$2/day Health-Conscious Additions to Your Pup’s Daily Meals

Skin & Coat
Fish Oil or Coconut Oil Additive

Pumpkin or Pro-Biotic Additive

Hip & Joint
Glucosamine Boost Additive

Lavender Calming Additive

Goat’s Milk

Eating Enticement
Dehydrated Flavor Boosting Meal Topper

Room Service
Add a Bedtime Snack to Your Furry Friend’s Stay

$1/each - Bedtime Biscuits
$2/each - Filled Rawhide Roll, Pig/Cow Ear, 6” Bully Stick, Yaky Charms, Pupcake, Roofle
$3/each - Filled Hoof, Pumpkin-Stuffed Kong, Dental Chew, Medium Smart Bone
$4/each - 12” Bully Stick, 3” Filled Bone

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