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Dog Walking

The Dog Stop® is proud to add dog walking and in-home care to our extensive list of dog care services. 

Why choose The Dog Stop®?

The Dog Stop® has created a personalized, canine concierge service designed to work hand-in-hand with dog owners to help them make wise decisions about their pet’s care. Most dogs share the same needs: exercise, rules/discipline, and affection. However, each dog differs in the way they react and adapt to these needs. This is why The Dog Stop® begins our relationship with all clients with a complete evaluation of their dog's health, temperament and behavior. The results of this evaluation will enable us to create a service plan tailored specifically for you and your dog.

The Dog Stop® walking services include:​

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured dog walkers.
  • All dog walkers have been trained by our dog behaviorist in many areas including but not limited to; canine body language, loose leash walking techniques, canine first aid and canine CPR.
  • A unique and specialized service plan tailored to each client giving your dog exactly what he/she needs opposed to what "the average" dog requires.​

Call or email us today to set up your initial evaluation or to learn more about our services.


Walks start at $17 per 30 minute walk
Add a second dog for only $5 additional
Training walks $35
A $5 premium is added for all walks occurring on weekends and holidays.

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